Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Sketch World card

number two sketch for July will be up (hopefully) by Saturday...

can't share until then but here are my older cards... don't think I ever shared with ya all!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

How Much is too MUch?

okay, this isn't a post about greed lol, I am sharing my layout from the challenge blog How much is too much... also known as HMITM in the scrappy world...
I haven't been following it lately but wanted to get back in...
this week paula challenged us to use 25+ stickers on a layout.. I had a ton of letter stickers and came up with this


Thursday, July 24, 2008

CPS for this week...

I did a few... here is the cards I did for this weeks CPS sketch (link is in my side bar)

the first one is directly from the card sketch... the other two are inspired from it.

have a great thursday!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

some cards ....

I created using Lime tarts kit this month (I am a greedy tart so I ordered the greedy tart! lol)

see their kits here....

Melissa phillips had a challenge posted on her blog

using a sketch from lime tart and here is my version

The first pic is the group of cards using the kit...
the second two are based on Melissa's sketch challenge


Zany Zinnia

I love the kits from Zany Zinnia and this is what I did with Julys kit ... sigh.... can't get enough... love those yellow flowers!

check out their site if you are not familiar... they have wonderful kits and other stuff... including crochet flowers ( I love!)


I primarily used things from the vintage garden kit this month


Saturday, July 19, 2008

so with family....

still here... and my brother in law, wife and kids on their way to spend the night tonight (my kids are so excited to have their cousins come and play!!) and then this afternoon we willhave the baptism for Sydney here in Barrington and then head to Portsmouth again for an after baptism reception and pool party.... and then home here with the "gang" to sleep and play until Erins skate party tomorrow! whew.... are you tired yet? I am... lol

I did do 3 layouts the other night but they are on the main memory card and Im waiting till the family stuff is done to upload...
Tons of pictures... always fun....

Sharing a few more a muse cards tfl

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

wishing ERIN.....

a very happy birthday !!!!! the big 7... wow, does it go fast... she will always be my baby though!

I love you sweetheart... have a wonderful day!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

and so it begins...

the craziness of summer is in full swing here.... we slapped a bunch of meat on the grill, invited some friends, sprayed mosquito spray all over and are having a great ole time....
tonight Jon's family arrives from Seattle, Indiana and Florida and I"m sure i"ll be blogging less and scrapping late (if at all) but I always look forward to the family being together ... makes me miss my family and wish we could all be togther too.
Jon's friend Dave is visiting (they live on the Cape) and we are enjoying how gorgeous and super tall their girls are ... Rachel is 10 and as tall as I am!!! No lie... but Dave is like 6"4 so guess thats why!
Ryan is hanging out during all the craziness.... he is so good... I feel so blessed at how great he does with all these crazy change of routines... sigh... its nice to visit, better go charge my batteries since I know Im gonna be a papparazzi nut this week! lol



Tuesday, July 08, 2008


this weekend... I went shopping by myself... ahhh peace! ERin started gymnastic camp this week all day and Ryan went back to school this week so momma is back to a normal routine (even for just 1 week!) its heaven for me... I never realize just how much of a break it is from the kids and especially Ryan. Sometimes I really forgt to ask for help and try and do it all myself... and with a kid like Ry... that is just not possible! Our respite is approved so I have to get that up and running so I don't get so burned out!
I haven't been doing any scrapping this week but thats okay since I now have kept my desk clean! rofl

off to grill some chicken for fajitas.... I love summer dinners!


Friday, July 04, 2008

HAPPY 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to everyone... I hope all Americans are having a relaxing wonderful holiday!

I am eating a frosted sugar cookie with red and blue sprinkles... and listening to the rockets (firecrackers) in the background!)

wanted to share the latest from card positioning systems sketch 71

Here is my take....

a special prayer and thought to those who are overseas currently fighting for our freedom on this day of independence.... peace


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

crazy summer

already... we have been doing lots of slipping... lots of sliding... lots of ice cream.... and reading and just plain hanging out... and Im happy. I love the more relaxed lifestyle... (okay, maybe not more relaxed, but you get the idea ;) )

Here are some promised scrappy creations from the ice cream crop last weekend... I love crops because I get soooo many pages done but let me tell you... my desk!!!!! oy... thats gonna be a day project to clean up!!!

Happy tuesday... headed to the library and then off to the carnival and maybe a concert tonight...
and stay cool