Saturday, August 30, 2008

2 week deployment

and even though its only 2 weeks... every time I hear this... well, if you have ever sent a husband, wife, brother, loved one off to a more dangerous place than home.... well, you know what it feels like...

It could be 2 years like so many of my military wife friends online... so I can't really say anything.

He is headed to Texas (our ole stomping ground) and will probably sit in a motel for a few days to await the hurricane at which time they will get orders from a very dis organized Washington to head out nearby the storm disaster... set up make shift hospitals, transport sick and special needs patients, administer medicines and any other thing they can assist with...

Proud that he is so willing to jump in and help everyone in his way.

The kids start school this week and we are ready! (me, especially;)

WE have new backpacks, socks, shoes adn underwear. We are going to bed earlier, and taking walks, grilling and enjoying these last few days of summer!

I am on book three of the Twilight series.. Eclipse... and they are so good... I just cannot wait until the movie comes out.. I always loved the kid that played Cedric in Harry POtter.. okay, I had a major crush on him...and am soooo excited to see he was casted as Edward. He is a little different than I imagined Edward but I think I have always seen Angel (David Boreanaz) as my all time favorite vampire so to find a new Vampire replacement for me to have a crush on... hee hee.. i know... I have problems! lol

and of course, I can't leave without sharing a bit of craftiness... so when You've got to alter everything

Friday, August 22, 2008

taking care....

is what I've been doing... Jon has been sick all week and tending to him... he is kind of "needy" I will say, when he is sick! lol and so I've been busy filling drinks, handing him the thermometer and getting blankets! ;)

Erin has had play dates every day with our neighbor Bianca and they take turns eating over at each others house... I remember those long summer days and not wanting them to end... they are funny to watch both so serious and more like old ladies together than young girls!

Ryan is doing his thing! WE bought two new pairs of school shoes. He is getting ready to wrap up another LONG session of summer school... then he will be out next week aug 27-sept 3 when he will resume school. poor fella... not much of a break!

Erin begins Sept 2 and momma is more excited than she is I think! lol we got new backpacks lunchboxes socks, shoes .

I made them a nighttime and morning routine with pictures to follow. Hope this helps somewhat as we get back into a "routine" Its been great so far!

Leaving you all with some of my latest creations from the Lime Tart kits from August... I've been up way too late to get scrapping done... will be glad to have some "free" time (hee hee.. yeah right) while kids are in school!



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

my shop is up...

in case anyone wants to check it out... I will be doing more promoting but like any good retailer... listed a few items ... sort of a soft opening ... if you will and hope to add a bunch more soon.
Im soooo excited...
Please check it out!

Link for it is on the right sidebar... it will take you right to it!

be back ina few with some new projects


Sunday, August 10, 2008


its not humid here... ahhh pleasant... california type weather with blue skies, puffy clouds and a coastal breeze!! still warm like summer should be though!

sharing some of my latest layouts from A Million Memories kits (older kits) and a few pics of my precious niece Sydney who we already miss alot... (I stole them from their blog.. hope its okay, Josh and Liz ;)

Take care


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

wanna know something....

about me???? I got the idea from this gal.

.. whose blog I love.. she is talented and super sweet girl who I know online ...If I lived in texas still, I would love to become friends with her and go antiquing!

so thanks steph for the inspiration... here I go

1. I am a california girl... born and raised... left at 19 to attend college at University of Arizona, moved to Texas with jon where we lived for 5 years , then followed him (with ryan and 2 beagles in tow) to Rhode island..and we've been here ever since 8 years and counting!

2.I drink an entire pot of coffee every day and people comment if I don't have a mug in my hand! lol

3. Im a shopaholic... groceries, target, scrap supplies.. toys... you name it.. I can out shop the best of them!!

4. I was painfully insecure when I was a child and didn't really have any self confidence until I left to go away for college... being a state away by my lonesome did something for me

5. I have always been drawn to special needs population.. I had several special needs friends as a child (while everyone else made fun of them) and volunteered throughout high school and college for several organizations and clubs that served that population... so when we found out about ryan's autism, my mother was devastated yet not surprised... she felt all along I was called to raise him.

6. I have a wicked sense of humor.. love to laugh and am always cracking up or making someone crack up.

7.i love kids.. I've worked as a substitute day care worker, CCD teacher and camp counselor...
I also still play with my kids

8.I am very well rounded... I consider myself a "b" student still... I m common sense smart but not intellectual... Jon, my dh has enough intelligence for the both of us! lol

9. I love to bake and don't mind cooking... but I absolutely HATE planning what to eat!!!

10. I still have crushes on boy celebrities from david boreanaz (Bones) to zac efron,(high school musical) makes me feel like a young girl...and my best friend and I still giggle like it when we are together

11. I love having a daughter... sometimes she is so cool... wants to be nancy drew one day and spider man the next but can put on a fancy dress, paint her nails and look like cinderella... and she is drop dead gorgeous as all three!

12. the only award I ever won was an art award... and the only "A" I received throughout a course was in computers... and yet somehow, I went to college and decided to major in fashion!!

13. I have one brother who I was extremely close to as a child.. we only played with each other .. He is married and a daddy. They live in Washington State. (I know... clear across the U.S.a. from us!!!

14. I look like my dad and am looking more and more like him as I age.. never really appreciated all that until I had my own children.

15. my ideal vacation is sleeping in... hanging out at a beach, hiking, camping or just eating out every night

would love it if you are reading to leave a comment and link me to your blog...
I would love to read about you all...dont' be shy..


Monday, August 04, 2008

Im in love!!!!!!!!!

with websters pages papers... how had I not known about them before?

Here are the fun projects I am working on with them... more come for sure!