Monday, September 29, 2008

last and final

entry to the Bad Girls Top Designer contest... found out last night I will not be continuing on with them... a bit bummed but okay.... off to do some laundry, scrapping.... usually monday stuff!

Here is my entry for round three

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Friday~~~~

Ryan was home sick so I got to finish cleaning and decorating the downstairs... Today.. its pouring rain and I plan on running a few errands, cleaning the upstairs and then SCRAPPING!!!!

I have major cards to catch up on!!!!

Here are some projects I finished and added to my Etsy shop...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

got alot done

yesterday... went to the grocery, pulled out all my fall decor.. the house smells divine! and its super chilly... so I added a few blankets to the beds!

Off to do some shopping today... kids already need some new clothes... fall /winter jammies, etc...

Hopefully I'll do some scrapbooking today... I can feel the draw to my studio!

Here are some recent projects.... no theme to them... just for fun!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mostly back

trying to figure out how I got sooo sick so fast and recovered just as quick... but its all good now!

I am spending today with "the big kid" home as well... which means... lots of laundry... ehh hmm (his) will get done ;)

I am trying to make a grocery list and plan some meals to feed this family and am just so unmotivated....

Some good news... I made it another round to Bad GIrls academy.... here is my layout for round 2 and we find out our assignments for 3 this afternoon
HOpefully I will have some pumpkin muffins made this week and my fall decor up...
Happy first day of Autumn!

Friday, September 19, 2008

curled up in a ball

still not feeling well... unable to break this fever... so I just made some tea and Im headed to the couch to sleep the day away!

be back soon


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Made it to round 2

at Bad Girls Top Designer Academy... phew... I was really excited to see my name on that list!!

Off to plan this weeks layout....

Here is a recent layout to share... can't get any "normal" shots of her anymore... oy the drama!

but luckily she is cute no matter what she does! lol
Gotta go for a long walk today... my mind is in the clouds! ;)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gotta love Denny's

its the only place in all of New England you can actually get Sourdough bread toast.... so I ordered it and bleh!

Nothing beats the real stuff... Suki... please send me some... Im in a serious withdrawal for real bread!

After witnessing a very loud for a Sunday morning..light saber fight amongst the kids....

(as witnessed by above pic... Erin running... sans light saber which was confiscated by the larger "kid") insert rolling of eyes...;)

WE managed to waste like 4 hours between Denny's, Wal Mart and Toy's r us... gotta love that!

Eyeing some new WII games... although I seriously would rather buy new supplies or a cute pair of boots...

much better day today... thinking of Aleida.. her family and all my scrapbooking friends I have met... you all have gotten me through so much... I appreciate how supportive you all have been of my work, as well as getting me so many tough times as well... I hope to meet a few of you this year if I can get to CHA in California ?? We'll see... a few months to think about it...

totally avoiding ALL domesticated activities... do you think I could actually boycott the laundry??

I was able to load a few new things in to my ETSY shop ... check it out if you get the chance...

take care my friends...


Saturday, September 13, 2008

tears keep streaming....

down my face.... Im in shock and terribly saddened... a very dear online friend Aleida Franklin passed away in a car accident. I grieve for her family. I had just tagged her as I was doing this award post below to go and leave some comments since I hadn't been by in awhile...
Her post last Friday the 5th just gives me chills:

Taking today to do just that... thank you my sweet online friend...


whom to choose...

to give the award to.... hmm... seriously, I love so many gals blogs...

so I already told you about me receiving it from this lady: Suzanne.. you are awesome!

Now its my turn to play:

Here are the rules:
(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.
(2) Link the person you received your award from.
(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
(4) Put links of those on yours.
(5) Leave a message on the blogs you’ve nominated

1.this gal.. Im so surprised that she hasn't already been given this... and if you have Dina.. you get one again.. this one defines artist to me : Dina Wakely

2.This gal... because not only is she an amazing artist... lives in San Francisco... she has become a great online friend to me Laura Fiore

3.another gal Im so impressed with... not only is her work amazing... she is so personally motivating and strong for me too! And her love of butterflies has me sold!

Christine Middlecamp

4. My favorite scrapbooker ever Iris... such beautiful work... and I go to hear the song too! ;)

5. If you don't know what altered art is... go here:

Seriously, Cindy is the queen... a god of altering stuff... and its all her fault I now love hybrid scrapbooking ;)

6. another online friend... whose work amazes me... I've been lucky enough to serve on a few design teams with her and she does things with pattern paper and supplies that just astonish you! Such fun inspiration... Thanks Rae!

7. another girlie I was lucky enough to serve on a design team with... her photography is stunning... her pics of food make me crave!!!! She is also super funny and totally makes me want to be young and move back to Cali.... Caroline , your blog rocks!

Please check these gals out... they are a super group of inspiration.... Thanks girls for getting me into the studio!


Friday, September 12, 2008

CPS 81

right here:

I don't think I've seen this card done before... thought it was fun!
supplies are Basic Grey and American Crafts....

random stuff today

surprise surprise... I know...

1. thinking of my friends in Galveston/Houston.. please be safe... don't try and tough it out... and keeping my fingers crossed that JOn does not get called to assist again... another two weeks alone... another 2 weeks of wondering and worrying about him. I know that sounds selfish but I just am not ready this time...

2.its dreary rainy and grey today... missing California sooomuch... that sun...but on a more positive note I am loving that the tree tips are orange and look burnt... sun kissed and pumpkins are surrounding porches... hay rides booking fast and the crisp air... New England in Fall is to die for... everyone needs to experience this!! Hint... Suki... aren't you do for a visit? We have an extra room now! :)

3. lounging around today on the couch with Getty... lazy ole beagle... she just rests on my lap while I am on the laptop.... thinking of napping and writing...been doing lots of that too!

4. getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow.. selling some of my goods..

5. might have to head to the coffee shop this afternoon for a bit of pick me up... bring my camera and capture some fun things...

6. was honored and excited to see this yesterday.... she is so sweet and amazing ... and has been so validating of my work...I really hope to see her store sometime when I am up in Portland next time. If only I could get back up to the NOrthwest.. Im overdue to visit Matt and Karen and the other Matt and Jaime... ;) I feel a trip coming on next year???

anyhoo... told you I was random today... here is why I'm smiling...check out her blog.. arrow down a bit ;)

and this is the award I was given... I'll be back later with my picks for my fave blogs.. Thanks again Suzanne

7. wanting to go out to get the newest season of Smallville (or the office??? can't decide) I love Smallville so much but don't think I can take another season of teen angst!!! Just so not into life or death.. passion... drama... blah... bored with that!

okay... be back with some of my fave blogs to check out... lots of inspiration, eye candy and fuzzy feelings ...


Thursday, September 11, 2008

super busy day...

I feel very productive today... great after having 2 sitting around doing nothing days!

Jon is scuba diving today and then he works tonight so I'm sure the studio light will be lit!

still reading and doing the Artist way... and its necessary for me... cannot believe how much I let get in the way of my creativity! It truly amazes me!

Here is my layout entry for Bad Girls Academy Top Designer competition... this challenge was all about layering techniques... I used transparencies, cardstock, pattern papers, rub ons, you name it :)

this page is very much my style... very me (literally, too;) )



Wednesday, September 10, 2008


this is the face I am faced with ... like... what did I do this time... dumb beagle... if she wasn't so cute... oy... getting into everything!!!

Get this: 2 days into school... Im nagging Erin and she has already missed the bus twice!!! she is like the cool chick or something... sigh.... boarding school at 15!! Im just saying...

I am busy today with preparations for Saturdays yard sale... selling some of my cards and goods at a local event... trying to sort, bag and box them all ...

listening to music and too distracted to do anything today... be back with some new things to share

peace on this hump day


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

another late night...

and I am soooo paying for it this morning... Erin woke up to tell me that she has NO SCHOOL today... so thank GOD for COFFEE!!!!!!!! so Im feeling a bit like this guy.......

Its like the artist in me comes out at midnight and Im on a roll.... I started 4 layouts , some cards and a funky altered type project... (iM very excited about one of the layouts.. can't wait to share that one!)

Jon and I went hiking yesterday for about an hour... felt good to get back into the woods again.. and I forget just how long his legs are!! Can't tell you how many lonely hikes I"ve had on trails in the desert because even though I'm fast... Im no where near his 6'2" frame... and I just can't keep up with his strides ;) Time has made him more patient though... he even let me take a hour nap yesterday... hence why I stayed up til 2 am last night..I suppose!


Monday, September 08, 2008

FAce book flair

I"ve been having so much fun over at FACEBOOK... reuniting with old friends and making new ones... and there are so many scrappy friends over there as well!

Here is a page I did on my "flair"... it reminds me of when I was a teenage girl.... those of you that knew me way back when... remember my big bulletin board...??? see... scrapbooking was always in my system I think!

I also have been adding some new techniques and introducing new mediums to my scrapbooking lately my creative spark has re lit!

peace and happy monday


Sunday, September 07, 2008

rough day for ry

some days he is just NOT happy and I don't mean moody and down... I mean full on AUTISTIC causing unconsolable... screaming, hitting himself, throwing things... bothered by the slightest of things... we walk on eggshells... (not really) but it feels like it... sigh... and been doing it since 4 am!

No problemo.. I only just went to bed at 2! I know... my own fault... but the creative bug hits me around midnight... and I"m on a roll... my studio is a MESS!!!

so what an exciting Sunday I have ahead of me ;)

On other notes.. I discovered some new bands and am really inspired by their music... I"ll see if I can post some links to their stuff later...

Also, I"ve been having these strong pulls to LA for some reason.... I haven't been home to California in years but I cannot get it out of my head!!! Just craving the west coast right now.

I did some scrapping last night... will share a few things today
Im also working on a few surprises that I can't share quite yet...
The sun is out today... the coffee is strong... and I"m off to write my "morning pages" in my journal

Friday, September 05, 2008

random thoughts

I've been participating in an online discussion of this book
"The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron... the best thing about it is that I found it in Mom's studio when I was there last December sorting through her materials, etc. and figured she must have been doing the course ...
It's always more fun to do these things with others and my online buds are just the thing...
So along with Learn something New Every day.. by Shimelle... , Bad Girls Academy beginning next week, Artist's Way, U stamp and Got Sketch 102... wholly crazy woman... what am I thinking...
not to mention nagging some cute little blue eyed girl to wake up, get dressed, do homework, Ryan (nough said! lol), and Jon home... so frozen waffles and chicken nuggets aren't standard dinner fare anymore! lol
anyhoo...doing the "Morning pages" from an artists way... 3 whole pages of just writing... first thing in the morning... has been so wonderful for me..
I am able to express so much and the pages have been pretty interesting and random.. (no surprise there) but its a great habit to get into and it has been great for my creativity....
I even walked a couple miles today with a ton of ideas in my head as I walked...
I would totally recommend this to all aspiring artists, creative types including painters, writers, actors,musicians, crafters or just if you are in need of re tapping your inner creativity.
Now off to stamp something... its gonna be a challenging weekend here with tropical storms up our coast... I have to go pull the scooters, bikes and yard furniture inside
Getty is better (for those who were asking) and she is lazily loungin with me right now as I type this... she is so cute! her belly is shaved from where they did the ultrasound and she is such a good dog... always a trooper.. never complaining
I also have some good news...
Scrapbook Trends just picked up a layout for the upcoming Babies idea book for a page I did on my niece Sydney.. yeah!
Scrapbook News and REview just picked up two cards for their September issue!
Pretty great news for a girlie who has been totally in a creative slump.....
Stay safe for my friends in the Carolina's.. I"ll be thinking of you all

from one extreme to the other...

I have the old man in chair...

to new 2nd grader ready for fall

hee hee.. they crack me up!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I am enrolled in Bad Girls Academy

starts up again ... I can't wait... we had so much fun last year being naughty...and this year there is another contest where you can be awarded teachers pet... break out the devils smilies girls... its time to get bad ;)

been in such a creative slump warning.. random!

lately... and there is nothing on tv to distract me or inspire me...

Jon called today and is home after a shorter than we thought deployment... ahhh the life of hero ;)

Getty is still sick.. poor little round belly beagle...

bored now.... but I'll leave you with some "schtuff" I made last week