Monday, December 29, 2008

cleaning up

The first major cleaning after the Christmas frenzy! I swear we have more toys now than Toys r us!!!
Our family is still out visiting and we are laughing so hard that my sides hurt...

I spent the greater part of Sunday and today installing I tunes to our computers, the new Photoshop elements that I just put off till now! lol etc etc....

Feels good to get caught up again... even though I still am eating Christmas cookies for dinner ! The holidays are not quite over yet! ;P

I uploaded some pics to the other computer but haven't gotten them "cleaned up" yet... will post here when I do...
HOping to play with my Slice too and create something fun... really missing that!!

Peace all and I'll be back with something pretty to share real soon!


Friday, December 26, 2008


to all of your family, friends and loved ones... may the spirit of the season bring you peace, love and joy !!!!!!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

got distracted by the snowstorm!!

but I can now share my news with everyone... it really came as a complete surprise and I am so honored and happy to be a part of this!!!!

Squeal!!! My dream come true... my favorite scrapbook store !!!

When you go to their site, you can click on the right side bar for more information about all of us!!!

Off to go shovel the driveway!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

good news

here... Jon is still on the mend... we decided to exchange our Christmas gifts for each other early since he is off of work , I figured he would want to "play" with his new toy...
I got him a computer PC game with lots of guns, monsters and death.. bleh! lol
I was given a Making Memories SLICE!!!! wow, I must have been good... or maybe Santa had a 50% off coupon for AC MOORE??? lol anyhows... I am having fun today as we play with our toys... heee.. sooo much other stuff to do but its nice for us to take the time now since once his family arrives and kids are off of school... it will be pretty chaotic... tis the season, right?

I have some spectacular news to share with you all... I am very excited but I cannot quite give the details away until Friday !!! I will report in as soon as I am allowed to share the news! Hee... its hard to wait because I am very excited.... (scrapbooking related news...... in case any one was getting other ideas! lol)

Have a great day... here are some more things that have been keeping me busy

Friday, December 12, 2008

halls are decked...

and some cards are made.. .well.... LOTs of cards are made and Im out sick... I've been home sleeping for two days straight with a migraine....
Here are some pics of the house and some cards that really need to be addressed!! ;)
Nothing else spectacular to share since my head hurts to type...
be back this weekend with some more ...


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One Day Older

and I have no advice to give, don't even feel any different really but I have alot to be thankful for and so many blessings... and a great sense of humor!

Off to spend the day making cards, eating at Olive Garden and maybe a bit of shopping!


Thursday, December 04, 2008

a bit of randomness...

we went to see Quantum of Solace... Not as bad as I thought it would be... I still think Daniel Craig is butt ugly and Jon and I get into massive arguments about that!!! rofl... ( I think Jon has a bit of a man crush!! lol
He is just NOt my type... ;(
still surprised that Twilight beat it opening weekend though as the effects in Bond movies are incredible!

I really really need a hair cut... it went from a fashionable stacked bob to a bit like Dora needing a haircut!!!

NO day care this week as Mia is having a tough time transitioning to the new schedule... oy.. I was really counting on that money for Christmas gifts.. oh well...

Getty is really bugging me today... she begs all the time.. stupid beagle... wish they could turn off their noses when they are on a lead for something!!

I think Im definitely paranoid... I keep thinking I see a friend of mine (who it would be impossible to see) yet I keep seeing him places I go... wierd!

Better day today with Ryan... more quiet and settled.... he is open to some sensory things too which helps us all... otherwise, he had been on such a great roll... reading, focusing... etc... this always happens with these kids... just when they are doing great... boom... they lose skills etc... so frustrating... oh well... what can I do?

Scrapbooks Etc came today... love when the mags come... makes the day that much better!! what a pathetic life I have, huh? ;)

working on Christmas cards... Im up to at least 25 new ones... but I have to make like 150!!!
burning the night oil until Christmas for that!!!

Now that i"m all talked out, I m gonna take my poor sorry self out for a coffee! Love that peppermint mocha creamer.... my little escape from the crazy stuff.

until next time