Tuesday, May 26, 2009

design team stuff

went up.. .the first batch that is.... you can read about it here Right at HOme
I got to play with the lovely Making Memories new line called Just Chillin... at first I was a bit skeptical as I don't have teenagers and this line seemed geared to them but as I started working with it.. found all kinds of uses.. and the expressions and stars go with everything!!

Also, thanks girlies esp. Molly for the Pubster of the Day shout out.... always makes a pea feel so special... can you believe its been 4 years as a pubster?? wow!
2 peas The PUB

I am also sharing some cards I made for past mothers day... I know.. IM a bit late!! rofl... they are scraplifted from the uber talented Melissa .. .best card maker ever... I usually don't scraplift but her work is just stunning and for my mother in law... I wanted the card to be extra special!

and a few other cards just for fun... using scraps

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the ominous sky today just before the storm....
I deal with stress best by creating... just getting lost and absorbed into my art.. and the last few days I have done just that...
While I always embrace change.. so much is changing right now in my life that I can't keep track of whether IM coming or going and it adds stress to my already stressful existence..
This, with my friends being so busy... and I miss them so much.. to have such close team of friends to chat and laugh with and then all be so wonderfully busy and important in our lives..
I am so proud of them but miss them greatly and need them during my changes even more than ever..
so my art is my therapy.. and my music and my studio and the library and just about every and any place I can go to be alone, escape and unwind for me...
and so since this weekend "unofficially" kicks off summer... how about some summer projects...
these are my May design team projects for Right AT Home scrapbooking... I got to play with this luscious Creative Imaginations by the sea line... so so pretty... and the pics are my brother in law Josh with their sweet baby girl Sydney... lucky girl got to visit both coasts in her first year of life!!
the little mini album is filled with some favorite photos of living by the coast... both are currently over at the store... out on display!!! Go pop in if you are local!!

ahhhh summer... it will be here soon... and I cannot wait!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

so over

this flu!!!!!!!I've been flat on my back for the last week with the flu.. yuck!!
and today and next few great weather is headed out this way..I have a friend who is an excellent meterologist!! rofl well, not literally but she is damn good!!
so I did manage to sit here and type this without passing out so Im sharing a few more creative projects and a quote I had on my My space blog the other day.. dedicated to a very overworked and needs to be pampered friend...
and then Im off for another nap... just in case ;
tomorrow I'll come on with some movie reviews.. been getting caught up with every girlie type movie out there... who knew there were so many... but thanks to my mother in law being out of work.. she and I are on a marathon!
so lots of reviews coming your way.. aren't you excited?? rofl
okay.. that is the nyquil making me talk silly.. better get to posting some creative stuff already before I get really giddy! ;
a pretty card made out of Prima packaging!
a layout using up a ton of old old stuff.. ! and admitting that I make stuff up is the first step...

a boyish card since two very sweet fella boys in my life just recently had May birthdays......

anyways... that is it for now... more later.. IM feeling a bit dizzy!! lol
peacefor my friends... who I miss since they have become so very busy... lets just all run away together, shall we??


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

some things

to share to day... and I spent another day in the studio.. I finally added Instant Message and mail to our desk top so I can be in here and do work while getting distracted by my friends!! rofl

both are just because layouts... both use kit items that have been sitting here and needing to be worked with... sigh.. so much to do.. so little time! lol
more later.. Im a creative mess today!

Monday, May 04, 2009

National Scrapbook weekend

another NSD day with multiple online crops and yet another injury!!! rofl Ireally am a mess.. I have hurt myself so many times during these all day crops.. this time.. a battle with my paper piercer and a mild infection.. but all is well now and Im back to crafting!!

I was on a roll this weekend.. sharing my fun creations...
and the fun doesn't stop there.. I have about three more pages in progress... stocked up on coffee and candy.. and a healthy thumb.. watch out!!!