Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Making Memories

is more important to me this time of year and these cards and evelopes by Making Memories made it so fast and easy to whip through some cards and leave more time for spending time for family, friends and life.
With some fun ready made accents, labels and rub ons from my stash, I quickly put these little cards together and into the mail box to loved ones.
Wishing all my blog readers a Very Merry Christmas. Looking forward to a break and seeing family and seeing new sites.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Caroling Caroling

through the snow, Christmas bells are ringing!  I cannot stop singing along . I never realized just how many Christmas songs I know the words to and have sung at the top of my lungs since I was a kid. All those years of performing for the senior centers and convalescent homes while I was in St Agnes elementary school. I really am blessed to have experienced feeling the true meaning of Christmas, giving time and entertainment to others .. it cost nothing but we spent days practicing and perfecting those performances all to see sheer joy and happiness on their faces for the brief time we entertained.  A small fruit punch juice box and cheap cookie was our token of thanks and yet even as a child, I remembered never caring for the party. We literally all enjoyed the performances, making them happy.
Now as an adult, those songs bring back so many happy memories. So we are caroling here while decorating the tree and eating cookies. Looking for a senior center or hospital we can take the girl scouts or just my kids to.. to share some joy and bring hope and happiness to some lonely few. A reminder of the humble Lord and reason we celebrate this precious day.
Sharing some latest round of cards before I address a ton this week and get them sent off.
Encourage yourself to listen to the tunes this week. Hear the lyrics, feel the meanings and find one that will lead to happy Christmas memories .

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December learning

Happy December the 1st everyone. Today I am sharing my newly completed and ready to be filled December Daily album.
I am taking several classes this December.. and am going to incorporate them all into this book of memories.. either a trigger, journaling idea, photo prompt etc... NO EXCUSES now... lol ;)

1 Journal your Christmas by Shimelle.... I have taken several classes by her.... very very useful information and fun fun classes... find out information here

2. Picture Holidays .. I took both picture spring and picture summer and am an avid blog reader of hers You can sign up for her class through Big Picture classes here bigpictureclasses.
You can find out more photography tips, ideas etc through her site at shuttersisters  this is a favorite site of mine.. so so inspiring!!!

3. Finally, the one that motivates me the most is: December Daily... the concept put on by the fabulous Ali Edwards December Daily.

Here is the cover, side , back and a few sneaks of my album... I will share a few pages every few days.
Enjoy checking out the classes and if you sign up.. let me know.. we can "study" together ;)

Monday, November 29, 2010

our bellies are full

and our hearts are full of love as we move towards December. 26 shopping days until Christmas? Really? Wow, does the time go fast or what? Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I began working on some holiday and thank you cards as well as some handmade goodies that will most likely serve as gifts for Christmas.
I wanted to share some cards I finished up with a more "fall" type themes before the onslaught of red/gold and green begins ;)
Wishing continued peace and gratitude not just on Thanksgiving but throughout this holiday season and into the new year to all my blog readers and their family and friends. Bless and guide you .

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Playing a bit

with my scraps. Using up the random stuff that accumulates on my desk. My studio desk is not NICE and clean.. or at least, CLEAR! lol Im sure it won't take long before it gets all junked up again.. ahh the cycle of art making ;)
If i don't make it back... HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, November 18, 2010


are filling my head this time of year. From holiday handmade place cards, Christmas cards to stocking up on thank you 's .. my head is swimming.. not to mention my self portrait final project for my RISD class ... yikes. the studio is busy!!!
Trying to fill up the drawers upstairs with beautiful creations so that next year 2011 I can do a few craft fairs with a wonderful looking booth.
Off to play with charcoal, pastels and kneaded erasers...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

cute vintagey little things

Sigh.. my heaven is these bitty little accents, trinkets and embellishments.. I love the older worn , papery creations...
Here are some new little gems I have created.. let me know what you think ???

Sunday, November 14, 2010

How about a layout?

I always loved these pics of Ryan with my dad. His chubby cheeks and constant drool bring back such memories. He just turned 11 this week.. where did the time go?
Using up stuff from an older Studio Calico kit on this.. tfl

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall inspiration

Okay, go ahead and laugh all you want.. Jon thinks Im a total nut case because I am so obsessed with this woman... through good and bad, she remains timeless, inspiring and professional. Sometimes she can be quite demanding and ruthless but I would still enjoy watching her on tv, or reading one of her blog posts or books despite it all...
The woman.. Martha Stewart... she gives me purpose being a stay at home mother, crafter, domestic diva.. whatever you want to call it, she is still the only business savvy woman out there that fully respects the art of taking care of the home, the family and pets.
I am sharing some of my favorite images I found at her site recently... SIGH.. makes me happy lol

Monday, October 04, 2010

Devastating Loss

Our laptop has been destroyed! Seriously.. all our photos, all my work, our trips, experiences, journals, art, I have been like a lost little lamb lately.. trying to find my stupid place in this world. Confused by the reality of life and creating this other life I so desperately wanted to escape into.
In every great story there is a leading man. Mine is no exception.
Not only was he able to jump into my fairy tale and stand by my side he has helped to show me how I can live both lives with him at my side.
We have ordered a new lap top, I am back on facebook where the people whom I love most are and slowly but surely, attempting to allow some of the fairy tale characters into our very unique and mostly private world.
Private, as Im finding, only by our own accord. As it turns out, being completely open with everyone about who you are as a total person is truly the only healthy way to live.
Please don't start freaking out on me family and friends.. as i KNOW many of you willworry etc.. EVERYTHING is GREAT ;) I have been good.. this story is more metaphorical than anything.. me.. trying to be deep ;)

Anyways Im sorry I haven't blogged I look forward to gaining back some followers and for those that stayed I heart you all and look forward to catching up on all your lives ...


Friday, September 24, 2010

Not wanting to

let go of summer... so I continue to eat fruits, vegetables and photograph these eperieneces. somehting to do fto avoid getting readyfor fall...that can be this week...

Hope all is well.. My lif e has tbeen interesting this summer )


Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day

and I took this day to rest. we talked a lot about work ethics today as we respect and honor those who work hard to make a better life for their families.
Since it is the last weekend of summer, I am going to wear something white tomorrow in order to protest ;) lol
and I will share two summery layouts ....
Happy back to school and work everyone

Its all about the blues lately and I am not ready to give up scrapping summer just yet ;) good thing the weather is cooperating and keeps me in the summer spirit

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunday Sketch

from Studio Calico was this sketch... I played along.. I had these three pics of my sweet little niece Sydney and thought of this sketch!
Sydney is 2 and we all know how dramatic it is to be a "not baby" "not quite big kid yet"... her little moods are evolving as she discovers the wonderful world around her
You can see the original layout that inspired the sketch on the blog here

Here is my take on it::

I used everything from August kits on it... Since she is just a bitty... I had to change the name to Good Little SAD little girl... there are no Bad girls in this family (yet) lol.

Have a great weekend!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Monday

I am really looking forward to a more normal routine.. only two more weeks and then back to school.
Today, I awoke to downpours, coolness and dreary weather so we are catching up with in house projects.
Missing these beautiful people so much:

Faucher reunions are always full of love, beer, laughs and exhaustion.  Until next time!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

coming together

at least... Erin has her email set up. Printer is up and running. Finances are neverending... but stable ;) and we are in the market for a new car... so lots to look forward to in the next few weeks!
Family has been out visiting and believe it or not... we are preparing for back to school!
I have been doing some inventory for my VERY busy ETSY shop and adding things daily... so fun!
Be back soon for some shabbilicious creations!