Friday, January 29, 2010


many long -weeks- .... Okay... days of this awful stomach flu bug that had us all down... we are alive and well and getting back into some sort of routine...whatever that means for us.
Before I had got sick , I had uploaded a ton of new product for the store and several new projects that would be fun to share but I uploaded them to the desk top... which , of course, in this house... is always ALWAYS occupied....ahem... momma needs a new one of these 
with a portable wi fi modem I suppose...sigh.. why must everything be so expensive?

or how about this???
but I'm not quite getting what it is? a computer? a bigger i pod..?? and it says limited connectivity...bleh! Not impressed so far apple...

but of course... I will hold out... save up and dream of  this    and from what I hear... once you go mac, you never go back...
be back later if I can sneak attack a second to upload something on the desk top!!  Not to mention, the stubborn old bird is trying to do our taxes!!! phooey! lol

Monday, January 25, 2010


 AS I tend to the sick... my house is currently in quarantine.. (by me ;)) as both kiddos and the big man himself are laying around figthing some evil stomach bug that has hit us good... in between my washing sheets, making chicken soup and disinfecting everything lol I am checking out the new stuff at CHA...

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS!!!  I am so happy to have my Sizzix fixed...and BLUE Moon Scrapbooking will get this in March...check it out!!!! and spread the word.... I cannot wait

also, while you are there... check out their gorgeous kits... I just ordered this one Hugs and Kisses and this one
My Sweet Love  sigh! and I can't stop playing!!!!!!!!!!
Plus they have a ton of misters and Prima goodies... gorgeous stuff, I tell ya!!
Now off to spread the word about this new Sizzix and see if I can find some new videos on You Tube!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haven't been

ignoring you all... I spent many a day and finally re worked my studio! I am very happy... even though it is still a bit cluttered... there is actually sense made and I can and have been readily creating ;)
A bit jealous today of those of you headed to California for CHA... One of these years, I will make the trip, hopefully or at least have some product or designs represented for someone... its my dream and personal wish.

Jon has been home a lot this week, which is always a blessing as well. He did pick up his passport (which was expedited) in case he is called to assist in Haiti. I will not even begin to think or worry of it until we get that call ;

I checked out some video biographies at the library of some of my favorite artists.... I started with impressionists, Pissarro, Van Gogh, Cassat, Seurat, Monet etc.... so intriguing and very very inspiring...
I have always felt an intense connection with artists and am enjoying exploring their worlds.
Been doing lots of wedding, love and baby cards... here are a couple to share....
The baby one is using some Making Memories Vintage stuff that is all on clearance in M;s....Im surprised they had anything left as I had been buying it in bulk.. loved loved it!

This congrats card just used some random chip pieces I had laying around.... Im so into brown, beige, cream and grey...guess I find inspiration even in the cloudy days of winter!! ;)
Have a great one

Monday, January 18, 2010

Reflective today

which I assume is appropriate as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr day. As a life long proponent of peace and resolution, I suppose today can be quiet and still (except with my kiddos home, that is not very possible ) ;)
Over the weekend, I completely re organized the mud room/studio... giving it a freshening up... a dusting off and a spruce.... It feels more like a workable office once again and I have ( of course) awakened the sleeping creative giant... nothing like a new environment or clean desk to make you want to work, huh?

I leave you today with a layout... pics are from summer 08 ... using up some old papers and such I found

Peace and I hope you all take some time today to reflect.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Office Days and Mondays

I love Mondays.... especially after the weekend we had.. oy! Ryan has become very challenging ... somewhat age and gender appropriate though... as he gains more skills and ability to communicate we notice some more typical "behavioral" type issues with it as well.
Don't get me wrong, compared to most kids we know, he is still a very good boy but he has definitely been challenging me He knows just what buttons to push!
Today, I took a long nap, long hot shower... I actually got to condition my hair and shave my legs... Its a real treat!! lol
Watched a movie and organized, organized, organized... BREATH! Sigh of relief to have my Mondays

Today I am sharing my Cards from the December The Little Shabby Box card kit.... so pretty!
and she put a peek of January's on the blog... let us know what you think .. ;)

Saturday, January 09, 2010


I'm not sure if its the temperature or just my insane personality but lately.. I have been all over the place.
Using up all my s(crap) as Jon calls it ;) and making a huge dent every day in my crafty mess.... Maybe by Easter I will actually have a studio I can be proud of again !

Back to work... the tunes are playing and the mojo is flowing...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

In the future

I will read books that I find entertaining as well as "necessity" book reading

I will learn to sew!!

I will sing for everyone to hear and not hide behind my insecurity.

I will play till the point of giggly laughter

I will lose 10 pounds (at least)

These are just a few of the "goals" or resolutions I have created using my One Little Word as a source of inspiration.
I had created this layout awhile back and liked that it needed no picture... I had already set my goals before I realized it would guide me to choose my word of 2010. Funny how things fall into place!
So while sitting with my sister in law the other day, I was jotting down some goals here in my planner which became the journaling for the layout.
I am excited to have some new things to focus on and with a brave fresh perspective on life... I am off to begin living fearless... in the now


Monday, January 04, 2010

Design Team Projects

from Right AT HOme... With all the craziness during the last month, I forgot to share my design team projects from RAHM...
I got to play with Crate paper... at first the pinks worried me but I managed to pull it together... I love it with the cream color.

I will be back later with a follow up to the One Little Word post...
Any of you wanna share your words with me??