Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crafts Meow stamps

I had ordered a bunch of Crafts Meow stamps awhile ago. I finally sat down the other night to stamp the night away with my little munchkin before she headed back to school... the Middle School... yikes! How did that happen? ;)
We spent most of the night stamping and then the next day, I assembled and pasted these little creations.

I love the cute little images and they stamped so nice and smooth. I added a lot of fun little goodies to the card fronts as you know I love to layer...

Have a great Labor Day weekend. Celebrating all those who work so hard to make my life easier this weekend. No big plans but we will be hosting my high school girlfriend Suki... always alot of laughs to be had from that! Looking forward to staying up late, giggling and feeling like Im 16 again!!


Friday, August 24, 2012


I decided to share some of my photography work. I am by NO means a professional photographer but I have always done really well capturing images with very little to no editing afterwards.
I almost always have my camera on a no flash setting and play around with ISO if at all ...
I don't have any fancy lenses but I like to take realistic, natural photos.

This is a photo I snapped of a pinecone. I had set it up as a still life for a drawing assignment and decided to photograph it as well. I converted it to black and white because I loved the contrast of the lights.

While camping, I was lucky enough to capture this beautiful butterfly. I didnt' have time to correct any settings and I don't own a macro lens so I just zoomed in and got as close as I could without disturbing it... butterflies are just so beautiful and I will probably paint this little baby one day.

One of my all time FAVORITE things to photograph are old barns, cabins and rustic wood... I don't know what it is.. the texture, the misshapen fences or the rickety barn doors but there is just such elegance for my eyes. Luckily, living in New England, there is no shortage of OLD places... many historical to photograph and enjoy...

I love sheep and cows. They are so still, yet make some funny noises and are super friendly. It makes me enjoy taking time to notice the differences in each one... I can actually notice personality differences in them as well. This guy was literally begging me to photograph him.. He came over twice and just did this... stand in the path like..." Here you go, lady.. snap away! "  Ha... love how he almost had a smile ;)

Next up, are my two other favorite subjects coastal items such as shells, beaches  and lighthouses...

This Fall , RISD is having a series in the museum called from NATURE.  In turn, I am taking the course Nature Lab for my certificate program. We will visit the showing of artwork, get out in nature, photograph, draw, paint and write all about it. RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! So excited to begin!!!
These pictures will be ones I will use to inspire me and help create my assignments.
Hope you enjoyed my little selection of my favorite photos.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Handmade Backgrounds

AS I wandered through my collection of layouts, cards and projects, I noticed that I do quite a bit of patterned paper layering. I love love love pattern papers. I love to issue challenges to myself and One thing I wanted to play around with is my background stamps and creating handmade backgrounds without using pattern paper .
I sat down to try and change it up.

Originally, I had made this tag set

I created a card using paper I painted from an art journal page with some pattern paper behind it and some spritzed corrugated board.

and another one... notice I started doing more and more layering as I begun to feel more comfortable with it all....

The entire back surface is hand painted paper, with inked and stamped elements and a handwritten sentiment.. gulp!

Then, I made these two layouts using stamps and other original backgrounds (and barely any pattern paper)

I still really really love my pattern paper but I am glad I did this. Not only does it give me the ability to use up my background stamps and paints, I create unique backgrounds and patterns while doing so.
Have you tried anything new lately? Would love to hear any "self challenges" you find yourself doing.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Layered card group

Here today to share some layered cards. I never make cards in a seasonally correct manner. Ha.. .Here is a pretty little spring card. Stamp is a muse. Pattern papers are My Minds Eye, Pink Paislee . Birdie is October Afternoon. Isn't he cute!?

Next up .. How bout a cupcake? Everyone needs some cake on their birthday, right? I created a cupcake out of chipboard and covered it with pattern paper. Then added a paper flower for the cherry and a TON of glitter to give it some sprinkle... Isn't it yummy?

Lastly, here is a pretty layered card perfect for giving to a friend. Lots of pink and flowers adorn these coordinating pattern papers

Be back soon with some layouts and more cards.