Tuesday, December 31, 2013


One Little Word.  I have been playing along with Ali Edwards One Little Word Concept since 2006... hard to believe it has been that many years.
The idea is to choose a word... or let the word choose you... that you will focus on... live with... reflect on, let guide you and direct you....She has a great posting on her blog about her experience.
I do this instead of resolutions or setting a million little goals for myself that always seem overwhelming... For whatever reason... choosing and dwelling on one word is amazingly inspiring for me and really works.
Some years, it has changed my life drastically and other years... its been a subtle reminder working in the background of my life... and one year, I admit..   I forgot the word altogether!
Some of my past words have been dream, integrate, vision, soar, discover, accept and sense.
For 2014, I look forward to many changes, twists, turns and happy events that come with life. Jon will be promoted to Rescue Captain of his Fire Dept.... I am graduating with a Certificate from Rhode Island School of Design in Drawing and Painting Studies.... Erin continues on the National Fencing Team and finally we will be making decisions regarding Ryan's high school (until age 21) school placement.... So many things... so many directions... taking it all in ...
but instead of getting stressed, I have decided to look forward to the lights/colors/images that lay in front of us altogether.... so my 2014 word is